Audio Branding

Creating Your Own Soundworld

The sea of noise

The building site next door, noisy office environments, the constant flow of cars and planes, recorded music streaming out of tiny loudspeakers, the ventilators in ever-present machines - we are surrounded by a sea of noise.

Most companies are unwittingly contributing to the sea of noise. With distorted telephone loops, random license-free music across unreflected audio touch points, and generic product sound design. Causing negative emotions for employees and customers alike.

Meanwhile visual parameters are often meticulously designed. That's a confusing mismatch - or a unique chance for those who fully integrate music and sound into their brand's emotional narrative.

What you want is to create your own soundworld.

What is a soundworld?

A soundworld is an imaginative solution to sonic inconsistency, integrating sound and music across all existing and unexplored audio touch points of a narrative environment. It is a story told in emotions.

Think about a shop that exclusively plays classical music, a computer game that features an immersive soundtrack that can be enjoyed for hours, a car that is beautifully designed down to the sound of the indicator, a library that is so unusually quiet.

Instead of stress and confusion these reflected sonic environments cause positive emotions of relaxation, joy, focus, attraction, wellbeing, even trust. An unconscious emotional bond that is there to last, without any visual content.

Creating such sonic islands is crucial in a noisy and increasingly screen-free environment. You either add to the noise, or you take advantage of the situation with a consistent sonic message across all your audio touch points.

Creating your soundworld

I offer a personal, creative approach, working alone or in large-scale networks, depending on the requirements of the project.

I’m drawing on my experience as a theatre musician, as I believe that translating a brand's story into music and sound comes with the same basic parameters. If you have a story to tell, there’s a way to turn it into a soundworld.

Specific audio touch points can be sound logos, social media, trailer, and event tracks, telephone ringtones and hold music, user interface and experience sounds, ambient music in exhibition spaces, the sonic properties of your offices, lounges, or retail spaces, even online or offline sound installations.

The key to all this is the coherent application of your sonic identity across all these environments. The result will be a soundworld that is instantly recognisable, memorable, original and distinctive, surprising, durable, attractive, and fun.

A successful soundworld closes the gap between your self-image and the customer's experience of your brand. It boosts the impact and value of your brand.

Let's build a soundworld together

If you're intrigued by the idea of a soundworld and what it could do for your brand, the first step is a conversation.

Once I have an initial sense of your project, we can work via meetings, workshops, site visits, recording sessions, and I can become a one-stop solution for building, refining and developing your own soundworld.

You might be surprised how insightful a music-led conversation can be as it gets closer to the spirit of your project. The creative nature of the process might even unlock key characteristics of your brand that haven't come into focus before.

All I need from you is your curiosity in exploring music and sound as a crucial element for your communication, your interest in closing your eyes and experiencing your brand from a sonic point of view.

If that sounds like fun, please contact me here.